Monday, August 18, 2008

Week 3 into TEACHING!

Week 3 into TEACHING!

I have never been good about keeping this blog updated... that statement is going to become more apparent soon! I deeply apologize to family and friends who have tried to keep in touch. It's not that I'm ignoring you... I just can't think past work these days! I'm working on balance who knows if I will figure that out!

My class:

They are all just like me, THEY LOVE TO TALK!

On Meet the Teacher Night, I was ready for sweet shy students to walk through the doors... I got 2 shy kiddos and 24 party animals! I enjoyed meeting the parents and students.

The first few days of school were better than I could have asked for. The kids weren’t quite, reserved, or teacher pleasers. We had great discussions but I couldn’t wait for the next week.

The second week, we had more structure doing several subjects not just get to know you activities. We read and did activities related to Flat Stanley! It was a blast! The kids are so excited to send of their Flat Stanleys. We still had lots of talking so my table groups, changed a bit. I had 5 table groups and 4 islands for the extreme talkers and disrupters. Week 2 was great!

Week 3... I let my students move back into table groups, I destroyed the islands. Today the kiddos were super talkative. My principal dropped in... I was doing everything I needed to do but my classroom was a mess. I have piles of papers stacked around that need to be inputed into SnapGrades or graded. I am going to go extra early tomorrow so I can be better organized for the rest of the week. I have been doing pretty much everything on my own. I’m so grateful for my student teaching experience otherwise I would have no resources or ideas! My student teaching mentor is still so helpful to me!

On Wednesday, my students’ parents come in for Curriculum night. I’m not nervous but not really thrilled to have to speak to all of them either. I have all my curriculum information ready... I just hope it all makes sense to them. After Curriculum night, I will regain my 4 islands and keep my small table groups.
I have had some very interesting experiences at my school. My mentor has sent over several students to sit at my tables because they were disturbing her class or not doing work. Luckily, these students are angels in my classroom! I have yet to send any of my students to another classroom or to the office.

Check out this cool book rack I found in the class by the building managers office. It said "Take if needed". I love it!

Everything is going great!

I love my job! I really do!

I just need to work on a few things, preparation, energy, and organization!

The last two weekends, I have gone to my cabin in Payson. It is so relaxing to grade papers in the mountains laying out by the pool! I don't know what I'll do when its to cold to do that! :)

Hope everyone is doing well! Keep in touch! I will try better to respond to emails, voicemails, text messages, etc.