Friday, November 7, 2008

For all of you who think I'm cool enough to "blog stalk"

I'm starting to realize I will never be a good blogger! I'm going to take that a good talent! Some of you spend so much time on here... part of me is a little jealous! I'm lucky if I look at peoples blogs once a month!

Now, what do you want to know?! haha

I don't have anything amazing to write about! Here I go... rewind...

I just looked at Julie and Adams blog about Second Graders voting! I have to go off of that. For the past week or two, my kids have been learning about voting, presidents, etc. It has been hysterical to see how the kids react to each others political views... more like to each other parents views. All of my students were very opinionated about should be elected. Tuesday and Wednesday, I had a few tearful students and several little arguments broke out on the playground related to the results. Kids were cheering candidates names and making comments like these:
"McCain is a christian"
"Obama will take away taxes"
I tried to stay away from the sensitivity of the election. I had to laugh at the materials I was given to teach the 2008 election. It was very much geared towards republicans. One of the pages for the kids was all the information on McCain and the Obama information had to be researched.

I have never felt so sick regrading an election! It was a nerve racking day waiting to see if 102 passed and who our president would be.

11/4 : On Tuesday, I went with Randa to her ward's enrichment activity. It was so awesome to be a family ward setting!!! They provided food and awesome thoughts of gratitude! I'm so glad I got to go. It helped me get into the "thankful" mode for November!

11/2 : WALK NOW for Autism! The family clan joined Braden on a walk at Tempe Town Lake to support Autism! It is our 3rd year participating. It is always a fun event. It is the only time I ever remember my family exercising together! This year they had the normal 3 mile walk and a 1 mile walk. When we got the spot to decide to take a short or normal route- tension arose! Needless to say, the healthy people won we walked 3 miles.
That night, I got my mom is ride her bike for the first time! I asked her to go with me thinking she would say no and guess what she said sure! We started down the street and I told her to turn so we could leave our neighborhood... she flipped! That's when the interesting things starting flying out of her mouth! I don't know how but I convinced her to go with me to Kyle and Valerie's. We went there and they were gone! She was very unhappy- she was hoping for a ride home in the truck! We rode back completing our 3 mile ride. She was sore as can be... I don't know if I will be able to get her back on that bike again!

At school, my kiddos dressed up for a costume parade. It was fun to let the kids wear their costumes and get the holiday started! Kindergarten through 3 grade walked around the soccer fields while the older kids cheered us on. I had several parents come in to watch and parade and to help with our class festivities! My MOM even came! I was so excited! It was the first time she had met my students. She helped the kids make flubber while other parents assisted with different centers. The kids had a blast, maybe too much fun because my classroom is still a mess!!!

For Dinner, the fam came over for our traditional Chili and Tricker Treating! I have the best nephews and nieces ever!!! It is always so much fun to see them!

I'm out of time! I've gotta go back to work for our Falcon Festival! I will update more this weekend!