Thursday, September 4, 2008

September 4th!

I bought a new car yesterday! I decided after years of driving my white beater, I needed to upgrade! I feel a lot safer now! Jason took me to test drive some cars because I didn’t want to do with car salesmen! Jason use to sell cars and this was his classic saying, “I’m a car salesman, I can’t lie!” Anyway, he helped me find a car I liked and a great deal too! We worked with another friend of ours Dave and he hooked me up with a sweet ride! Shout out to LeSueur Car Company!

I got a VW Passat! It is very nice and super fun to drive!
It even has a sun roof! High rollin’!

I can drive more than a few miles and not worry about my car overheating! EVEN better, I can drive down the freeway without holding my window up! My old car the drivers window, liked to slide into the door as I drove! You didn’t even need keys to get in! Just your hand to get the window open!

Since I made this purchase, the parents think I should pay all kinds of bills haha! YAY right! I’m saving my pennies! Dad thinks now that I bought a car, I have more money. Doesn’t work that way! Mom found out about Dad wanting money from me for my cell phone (I grateful I’m spoiled :)) and thinks she needs it more and that I should pay rent haha... the perks of living at home! They are not going to see my $$$ anytime soon. :)

This past weekend, was super eventful! I was suppose to go with my family to our cabin in Payson instead I stayed in Gilbert and i'm glad I did!

I went to the ASU football game on Saturday night! GO DEVILS! We creamed the Lumberjacks!

For you married girls and anyone else who cares- there is a new hunk...! Another long distance situation! But he is Tall, Dark, and Handsome!
Call me for details... I’m not sure where it’s going to go!

Visits from friends:
I’m so excited for when Katie and Erich move back in December!!! This weekend, Katie and Erich came for a visit! It was super fun hanging out at Katie’s parents with some of the crew! We thought about going to the lake on Labor Day and decided not to go when the boat owner, Walter, realized that it was a holiday! It would have been packed! We will have to go in April, May, June ish!

Two weeks ago, I got together with some fun girlies for Super Saturday Crafts! I love Sister Bryson’s craft days! Haha Go Julie! Here is a picture of the awesome frame, Julie taught us to make! Many of you will see these as your Christmas present :)!!!

-PICTURE TO COME-, I left my camera at work!

All of the girls who come to the craft days are usually married. “My husband ...”, “I have to go I told my hubby I wouldn’t be gone long...”, and “I husbands going to die when he sees one more craft in these colors!...”
I love spending time with the married girls! I’m sure they crack up listening to my random dating stories and the joys of singles ward! Yippee!!!

On the Farm: My class is doing great! Everything is how I expected so far. I’m really having fun! I enjoy all 26 of kiddos! I have 15 boys and 11 girls! The boys have all discovered how to make farting noises with their arms! I don’t know how my mom raised 4 boys! All of the students love to talk! They are getting the hang of when it’s okay to talk and when it’s not. I had a formal walk through evaluation on Wednesday. My principal came in and watched me teach a lesson for about 20 minutes. I didn’t know he was coming. It worked out fine. We were reading an awesome book “How I Became a Pirate”. If you have kids, read it to them! After we read the book, each student created a treasure map! We have been talking about geography: mapping. On Thursday, they wrote pirate stories! The stories and maps turned out awesome! I will post pictures some day.

This weekend, I have the luck of staying at school! Friday night from 4-8 and Saturday 8-4. I have classes at my school for the extra money. :) Every little bit counts. We have a goal of increasing writing, we have to do workshops of 15 hours and do extra writing activities in our classrooms. Then, I earn a tiny bit extra in December and May. YAHOO!

In memory of my incredible Uncle Tony:

Last week, I went to a funeral of one of my dear uncles. As soon as I found out of his death, I called his daughter to see how she was doing. I keep my emotions in until I hung up the phone with her. I lost it! I can’t imagine what life must be like for her and her family without their father, papa, and my aunts husband. I had the opportunity to work at my cousin’s house all summer watching her kids. While I was there about once or twice a week, my Uncle Tony and Aunt Jae Dee would drop by to spoil their grandkids. I got so use to seeing them so often I took for granted the time we spent together. Growing up, big holidays were usually when I saw aunts and uncles. We always do the typical big hug... no cheek squeezing :). Since I saw my uncle Tony so much this summer, I didn’t always get or give those big hugs! I just want one more big Uncle Tony hug!!! I can hear his voice in my head and I’m so grateful for the knowledge I have of knowing I can see him again someday! It was one of the hardest funerals I have ever attended. Tony is my Dad’s first sibling to pass. I have never seen my Dad or his siblings so down and broken. The day was long but filled with great tributes and time together as a family.
Thank you for all who listened and supported me last week!

I love my family so much! I have an amazing extended family. I am so lucky to have great parents and loving brothers! My brothers crack me up, all 4 of them constantly try to protect me. I don’t know what I would do without my close knit family!