Friday, March 13, 2009

PINCH Proof!

Second Grade Green Party! Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Since I am privileged to have SpRiNg BrEaK next week... YAHOO! We celebrated the Irish holiday today! The students wore green, ate green cupcakes, and had green punch! My students homework was to create and write about a leprechaun trap! We are hoping to catch at least one! :) Check out some of these incredible traps!

Leprechaun Resort... vinyl lettering and all! In the back there is a bench made out of popsicle sticks. Looks enticing!
Heavy duty trap! His dad had to carry it for him! (He might have extra luck - the large can is from the church cannery :))

100% Irish! Her pants were painted "I love Ireland!"

To top of our day, we played kickball with another second grade class! It was a blast! Some kids had no skill and others shocked me with their abilities! This is the only picture I got!
The kids have been counting down the days until they can rest from school! Spring Break is here! Nick and I are off to Utah to see Grandma and Grandpa Lundahl! Leaving the 80 degree weather to go FREEZE!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dr. Suess Week!

Happy 105th Birthday, Dr. Suess! This week has been a blast at work! Everyday we had a fun spirit day to go along with different Dr. Suess books. My class and another second grade class made a competition to see who had the most spirit. (Because on average 4 teachers out of close 40 dressed up and a few students from each class. By the end of the week more and more students were fun of spirit.) I took pictures of some of the days and forgot on others.

Monday - Wacky Socks!
No picture: I wore a very professional outfit... black shirt and flowered skirt with knee high snowflake Christmas socks! It worked out perfectly since I hadn't shaved my legs. :)

Tuesday - Red and Green Day!
No picture: The majority of my students participated in this day. It looked like our class was ready to celebrate Christmas in March! I wore a red shirt underneath a green dress. Red and Green totally clash! It was great!

Wednesday - Crazy Hat Day! I had a normal plaid hat and I added a pok a dot flower... It is going to the latest trend!

I love this hat! He had awesome items for each day.

Thursday - Silly glasses! I bought nerd glasses at the dollar store... they were pretty intense! I'm not wearing my glasses because I got a headache in the first hour of school! One of my students had the best glasses- they were thick black glasses with each rim holding a slinky.
On Thursday, my kiddos finally earned ASU Pom Poms! At the ASU vs. uofa game they gave out pom poms... yes I got 30 of them! I have been using them as a bribe. I got observed by my principal and my students were angels! They all earned their pom poms! We are the most Sun Devil spirited class!!!

Friday - Mismatched Day!

No picture :(. I honestly think it took longer to find a mismatch outfit than it would for a regular outfit. I looked stunning! I wore two different colored flip flops, plaid shorts with a pok a dot scarf tied on as a belt, a pink brown flowered top with a bright purple shirt underneath, 2 different necklaces (one st. pattys day and another red), two different earrings, a red bracelet, a gold watch, and my hair ... two pigtails one braided one not. I was pretty attractive! I so wish I had a picture! I loved the reaction from parents and other teachers who were on campus. Talk about people looking you up and down haha.

To top of Dr. Suess week... DRUM ROLL!!!

Our class got a Smart Board! (Interactive whiteboard connected to the computer) It is so AWESOME! We love it! As a class, we spent so much time playing with it this week! Hopefully, the kids learned something on top of figuring out technology. We only get to keep it in our classroom for a few weeks but it is amazing!

Monday, March 2, 2009

The Last Week of February!

Second Grade Pizza Party! I challenged all of my students to meet their A.R. Goals early. The reward was an awesome pizza party! Talk about extreme motivation for them and I was so excited to not eat cafeteria food! :) I bought the pizza and parents helped with the rest. This fruit was divine!!! So yummy!
We all pigged out! Check out how relaxed these kiddos are!
"Guys, Ms. Hendrickson eats pizza?!"

Phoenix Coyote HOCKEY with Friends! Rena was so excited to get a FREE HAT!

Don't I look like a pro:

I totally thought I was going to hurt someone! I made a goal! YAHOO!

I was super shocked to be able to play on the ice!

Mrs. Lehman and Ms. Hendrickson the coolest 2nd grade teachers on the Farm!

I love her, we have so much fun together!