Friday, May 23, 2008


I'm not good at remembering to blog! One of my friends, Taylor, told me I'm not allowed to blog until I'm married. Oh well... Here we go!

I'm still waiting to find out about jobs. I shouldn't be worried but I am. I have had my contract since March... but I don't know what school yet. At least, I know it will be in Gilbert Public Schools. Julie Pearson has a position at a school I interview with... I would love to teach with Julie! :) When I find out where I'll let you all know.

Summer! YAY!

I went and saw my 2nd graders and Mrs. Di Giulio Monday and Wednesday. It's hard to say good bye! I had fun celebrating the end of the year with them! On Wednesday, I had Landon (9 month old nephew) and the kids were all wanting to play with him. I was a totally distraction. :)

Wednesday, was my last day watching Kyle and Val's Kiddos. I love watching them but 20 dollars a day... please. :)

The highlight or most hilarious part of watching Lillian and Landon was on Tuesday. I get to their house and Lillian isn't dressed, hair knotted... I go to dress her and the clothes, I had bought the week before were ruined... Kyle must have washed yellow carpis with dark colors... they are no longer a cute yellow. I look at her thinking oh man, we have to do something about this. Then I ask her to get shoes... she does... I look at myself and the mirror and thought gross, why didn't I wake up earlier to get ready? So Lilly isn't looking so cute and neither am I. Landon looked great but when I put him in his car seat he stuck out 5 inches and it wouldn't buckle! So I thought, Lilly and I look like White Trash and Landon is sitting in White Trash... I knew I needed to go to Wal Mart, most would say we would have fit right in, but I was so embarrassed! We went to my house, Grandma's, and I got ready. Went to Wal Mart to buy new clothes and on the way there Lillian was in tears because her shoes were too small. So she walked through Wal Mart shoeless... I had no idea it was so hard to buy tennis shoes for children. And they are so expensive! Landon's car seat... the one we went to get... it was on sale, but they only had for girls! Pink with flowers! I knew Kyle would kill me if his tough son was buckled in all pretty and pink. Anyway it was a long day, we got Lillian new clothes but no shoes and no car seat. Now they are left to someone else... If anyone wants to watch them this summer, Let me know :).

My cousin, Marci, called and was looking for someone to watch her kids... I promised myself I was going to be selfish and enjoy my summer and NOT WORK. However, that quickly changed.
I don't know it I was ever taught to say NO when it comes to helping someone out or babysitting! I thought this chapter of my life was done but it's BACK.
I don't mind. The kids are adorable. Reese is 2 1/2 her twin brothers, Grayson and Hudson are 4 MONTHS old!

All I can say is.... I won't be having kids of my own for several years!
This weekend my family was all going to our house in Payson but with this yucky rainy/ snowy weather, I think I might stay home. The plan was to play at the clubhouse, lay by the pool, hit up some tennis, ride bikes, etc. Anything to get out of the hot heat... but it's not hot here this weekend. It's rainy and humid. I just wanna curl up and read or watch movies!

Nick graduated yesterday from Corona Del Sol. It was nuts! It rained so the ceremony got spilt into 3rd and students/parents each had a time slot. Nick was the latest time at 9 we got there stood in the rain for 15 minutes... stayed in the rain while the group before us left... ran inside sat down and the ceremony was rushed. I feel bad for everyone who had to graduate yesterday with the rain! Everyone was drenched so most people are going to look awful in their pictures! Oh... on top of that... Nick only was allowed to have 3 tickets for the ceremony. So I went with my mom and dad. Trying to play the role of the child, I didn't think to be responsible. We get there and my dad says wheres your camera? haha I didn't bring one because I wanted to be the child... He forgot his. POOR NICK! All his pictures are lame cell phone shots. I wish I would have had a camera.

Nick is so tall! Like who knows... 6"3 -6"5 ish. He sat on the aisle and when it was time to toss the cap. He stood up and chucked it all the way to the back of the auditorium. Oh ya... if I die soon it's because I was stuck in a molding school... with even more water of the carpets yesterday due to the rain. Hope they aren't planning on holding summer school. One of the schools clubs raised thousands to fix the CO2 levels of the campus haha... aka replace carpets and air systems, etc. Then the principal stood up to say she had the best high school in the east valley.... haha

Hope you all have a safe and enjoyable weekend!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Interview #1 and #2!

Last night, I had an interview for a second grade teaching position in Gilbert. The interview went well. The school is doing interviews all week. I will know by Friday either way. I would love to work at this school!

I have an interview tomorrow morning with a different school. I'm not sure what grades they have open. It is alittle bit of a drive from my house. We'll see how it goes! :)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Today, at church some of the men spoke about women and motherhood. They all did awesome! Four of the guys even sang to us! It was precious! The song was called Mother's Love. I'm not sure who wrote it but it was amazing! I'm so grateful for my Mom and all the other women and Moms who have been in my life. The last few months I have also had the chance to be around some of my friends who have recently become mothers. YOU GALS ARE INCREDIBLE! They are all wonderful examples to me!

For Mother's Day, I got my Mom (sick :() But I bought her a sweet beach cruiser! It's PINK! Who knows if she will ride it, but hey it ROCKS! My brother and sister in law delivered it tonight! I think she was pretty surprised! I have one just like hers if anyone wants to go for a ride, I'm down! :)

ASU GRAD 2008!

YAY! GO DEVILS! I am done with school at ASU! I'll be teaching in Gilbert starting in August! (TOMORROW I have an interview with a school in Gilbert for a second grade position! I would love to work at this school! I'll keep you posted.) I will probably step back in to the college scene in Jan. for my masters. Thank you to everyone who came to my graduation ceremony and party. I have the best family and friends ever! I had so much fun with my school buds at my ceremony! I got sick on Thursday and missed the big ASU ceremony. On Friday, Julie Pearson took care of me and helped me through the education ceremony. Thanks Julie! Four years goes by so fast! I'm so excited for the new journey, I have ahead! I will be calling everyone who is around to help me decorate my classroom, speak to my kiddos about their jobs, and anything else I can think of. :)

Lara Morgan is NOW Lara Broadbent!

I haven't blogged on here in a long time... I made a blog to keep my students posted on my job status. I have been updating that one, you can check it out if you want. I want to catch everyone up on my weekend! There were 3 important events I want to share so I'm going to do them in 3 separate posts! :)

Lara (Morgan) and Tyler Broadbent are now officially married!

I'm so excited that Lara and Tyler tied the knot! They are an adorable couple! I missed seeing them come out of the temple but I'm sure it was wonderful! On Friday night, they had a beautiful reception at the Broadbents house! It was alot of fun! I got sick the day before so I wasn't very helpful at the reception. It's hard for me to just sit back and watch. :) Katie (Auga) Krietemeyer and Jen Cordon flew in to be bridesmaids along with all the sisters. I was thrilled to have the girls in town! I have missed Katie so much!

We had a GIRLY PARTY on Tuesday at Dave and Buster's for Lara. It was a blast! We all had matching shirts that said "Oh Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"!!! That's all we wanted was to have some fun with Lara! Her Mom, Mother in Law, Sisters, and some friends gathered to eat and play! Although, Lara was the one we tried to honor: the nieces, nephews, sons, and daughters were the stars of the show. The kids had a blast playing together and running around pretending to play games, smart moms!

The Best Part of all of this: I got to see LARA!