Sunday, November 1, 2009

WOW - Time has gone by so FAST!

My last picture from 2nd Grade! UNTALENTED TEACHER TALENT SHOW! Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana, We've Got the Party! Not in picture but Mr. Maas was the other Jonas Brother.

Short Recap: 2nd Grade Ms. Hendrickson got RIF't last April. All kinds of options ran through my head for about 2 months... mission, career change, back to college, move to Logan, UT.... lots of stress but I was so blessed! I felt like I had incredible faith... I was humbled when my bishop reminded me it was simply because I pay my tithing. Mr. Maas, my boss, helped score me a summer school job! I was the Elementary Summer School Librarian! It was quite humorous. I learned so much about the library, Now I can find whatever I need! About a week into sumemr school, one of the 1st grade teachers resigned from her contract for 2009-2010. Mr. Maas mentioned the idea that maybe I could take it. It took a couple weeks of hoping, praying, and waiting! Then I got the lucky call from the district! I signed my contract as fast as I could! It was the greatest relief!



Cleaning! My classroom was a mess! and SO STINKY!!!

Father's Day!

My brothers think I'm nuts! I forgot how old pop is and got him roller blades for Father's Day! I sure hope I don't hurt him!!!

THE BIG 23!!!
Katie brought me a cake! Thanks KT!

Family and Friends!

Suga, Suga!

Some of my brothas!

Once it all settled, I began to panick! FIRST GRADE! Learning to read! AH! I'm so grateful for awesome friends who helped me through!!! One of them was my ASU student teaching supervisor, she has now become one of my biggest cheerleaders and a great friend! She lent me all of her stuff! TRULY A LIFESAVER! Thanks Jen!

FIRST DAY OF FIRST GRADE! Only picture I have :)

The parent support is overwhelming! I got so lucky! These are the supplies on the first day of school!

The first 8 weeks were every tough! I have learned so much about 1st grade in such a short amount of time! The past few weeks have been a breeze compared to the beginning of the year! I love my students! ALL 27 of them! It has been a great experience this far! I wouldn't trade it for anything!!!

I have met so many wonderful families and strenthened old friendships, and created new friendships.


Start teaching them the alphabet and letter sounds!!! Your children can learn to read before or in Kindergarten if you help them!

It is amazing the variety of levels I am teaching in 1st grade. I have a student who is struggling with letter sounds and one who is reading at 3rd grade level! Parent involvement is KEY!

Sight Words (Words that cannot be sounded out)

Before Kindergarten help them work on the 1st 25 they are called lightining words

After Kindergarten work on the rest!

Read with your children daily!!! You can get great books for cheap at GOODWILL!

Start teaching them basic math facts! When you are driving around in your car, drill addition or subtraction facts! At the store, talk about money! When eatting dinner, count the food!