Saturday, January 15, 2011

41 days!

Tried to Blog Last Saturday -

"This week FLEW BY! I have the best cousin in the world! Today, we went to her house to check out the yard for the reception. Marci and Patrick are so accommodating! " Then I must have got distracted.

Last week, I got sick and that put a damper on things but also helped me see proprieties.
Marci and Patrick were VERY helpful! I'm so grateful that they are so willing to let with this reception! Their house and yard are to die for! Absolutely stunning!
We shared some of these ... They have become my stress reliever!

Met with the lighting guy - aka kid - high schooler. His ideas were scarce (I think he was a little bit intimated) but I know it will turn out great!

I picked out all the flowers! That was actually fun! Thanks to to for some fabulous ideas!
Bridesmaids will be something like this.
The Men -

This week -
Waited and prayed for the invitations to arrive...........
We were suppose to get them no later than Thursday 1/20. However, UPS tracker shows them "ontime" for delivery 1/24. : ) We got our shipping refunded, just hoping they look perfect!

Thursday, I went for a dress fitting! I love my dress! It is so fun to wear! : ) I found some ugggggg platform flipper floppers to wear at the reception. (Thanks

Friday, We went to the court house and got our marriage license. This event reminded me of how monumental Daniel is.
Taking this picture was a HUGE deal for him.
Awkward timer pose -

Nice stranger pic-

We celebrated at Cheesecake Factory! AND went to the MOVIES! (First time we have gone to a movie theater together - Crazy we know.)
We saw Life As We Know It. I loved it! I think Daniel liked it... pretty funny.

Saturday, I found tables, chairs, tablecloths (Andrew's Party Rental), found some more stuff for our centerpieces, bought plates and some drink mixes to try.

*Daniel felt like we should "divide and conquer"... so I went along with the plan and made time for a short trip to the local Swap Meet - for cookies from Alpine Bread and a new purse! : )

We met up and finished our registry at Bed Bath and Beyond. I think we will get a tenth of the list... it was fun the first time we went but yesterday was just to choose china and silverware... eek. It was easy to disagree.

We ran to Hobby Lobby to get ribbon for the flowers. Daniel was excited to go until we got there... I think he thought he would find more airplanes and such.

We topped the night off at PEI WEI. Orange peel chicken yum!! (Thanks to the Lopez Fam)
They have the coolest drink machines at the one in Dana Park. We played a game while we ate... We would drink our drink way too fast, refill it, and the other person had to guess what it was! It was super difficult because they have a million choices! We probably drank at least 8 sodas together.

Here are some of the random centerpiece/ accessories items I never uploaded from previous blog posts...
Lemons will probably be all over the place.

Yellowish Gold Birds
Bird Nests
Coolest wreath ever! Its more yellow than it looks! We might use it as a picture frame.
Bird houses - My mom is going to paint them (Yup those are your Christmas cards on the door!)
Cute lil birds!
Of course there will be some more...

Here are the flower girl dresses!
Found some pictures of my ring (kinda zoomed in) for those out of towners! :)

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lynandsky said...

K - I don't know HOW I possibly missed this post, but it was so fun to read/look at! Just about 3 weeks to go now!! You guys are so cute. I love your ring, the cute pic of you guys getting your marriage license and all of the decor (esp the idea of that feather wreath as a "pic frame")