Monday, January 10, 2011


Thanks for all the helpful suggestions!

Today was another successful day!

I have the best parents at school!
Four AWESOME moms have been sending me tips on good stuff!
My students are starting to ask more questions... keeping everything at a minimum. I'll show them pictures when all is said and done.

I went to exchange a bridesmaid dress and ALL Downeast Dresses are 40% off! So I am returning and repurchasing them tomorrow! Pretty Awesome!

Stopped in Pottery Barn, gathered some more ideas!

THE BEST THING WAS I really hit JACKPOT at Joann's! I found some beautiful things!!!! AND GOT A TEACHER DISCOUNT! YAHOO!
(Can't share pictures right now because Daniel and I both own broken cameras!)
Some precious little bird houses, a YELLOW feather wreath, bird nests with tender lil' eggs, shepherds hooks, and some garland type stuff to go with the ikea lanterns for centerpieces. Just snap your fingers and all of this will be put together, right?!

Today, my mom also got some fun stuff at Hobby Lobby! The bird theme is soarin'!
We got some rad bird cages... not sure that this stuff will be used in my casa... watch out re-gifting this year for sure.

Special Shout Out to JULIE in NY!!!
Julie sent me this for our song to dance to at the reception. I have probably heard it but didn't know it. Daniel started JAMMIN' OUT! It might be the one! WAY TO GO, Mrs. Pearson!!!! True inspiration! I think if you Skype will Daniel he can show you his killer skills!

This weekend was successful too!

I FINALLY choose a photographer!!! YAHOO!

Went to a gazillion stores to find the right size bridesmaid dresses.

Hit up JCPENNY's found a perfect flower girl dresses for Lillian and Reese!
(totally on clearance!)

Precious little ring bearer suit for Landon!

Our invitations are CREATED! Huge relief just need to print them!
Starting to wonder, if first graders could properly stuff and seal envelopes.
I could make it a special activity (Stay in at recess and help your favorite teacher type of special)... I'm sure it could meet some standard relating to letter writing. (If you get two invitations, name backwards etc, you'll know who helped.)

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY - DANIEL AND I WENT ON AN SUPER COOL DATE! He took me to Glendale's Glitter and Glow. We walked around with some fun couples and watched people set up hot air balloons in the middle of the road! Pretty neat to see close up!

This week, I need to -

Get my dress hemmed
Order invites
Find a DJ
Think more about lighting
and have FUN!

Saturday, I'm hitting up Lighthouse Flowers, sounds like they blow everyone else out of the water, amazing and cheap!

I'm starting another class tomorrow! Hopefully, I'll find time to finish wedding stuff and do homework!

54 days to go!


lynandsky said...

Holy Cow, you are crusin'!! Way to go :)

Mandi said...

Wow! You are doing so well with all the planning. Congrats!! I'm so happy for you! I loved how he proposed, so sweet.

Let me know if you need help with anything!! I'm here for you!!